Forty plus years The Church of God has been in Chaffee, MO.  The first meeting place was in the residence of Harvey Carnell.  During this time a group of eleven people began looking for a permanent place for the church.  On October 15, 1963 three trustees, Buford McKenzie, Rufus Hart, and Bobby Metcalf arranged to purchase a little over nine acres of ground from Robert Capshaw.  The land was previously a drive in theater and had a building on it.  This building became the first actual church. 

The first members were Buford and Lucille McKenzie, Rufus, Harleen, and Barbara Hart, Ethel and John Eldridge, Bob and Shirley Metcalf, Eldon (Dale) McKenzie and Geneva Hindman.  The first Pastor was Sister Lucille McKenzie, then Buford McKenzie; followed by Eldon (Dale) McKenzie and now Pastor Tom Morris.

The concession building was used for the church until around 1973 when a new church was built under the leadership of Pastor Dale McKenzie.  Pastor McKenzie retired due to ill health in the spring of 2009, Pastor Tom Morris accepted the position as Pastor in June of 2009.

The Church had in their heart a vision to build a new building for the last several years.  Construction began on the new building in September 2009 and completed in March of 2010

The new church was built by as we lovingly call "4 Old Men and a Boy".  The "Old Men" as Cody Brown, F. L. White, Bobby Metcalf, and Danny Lindy.  The "Boy" who is actually a very committed young man is Cody Williams.  Of course there were many others along the way who helped and the church was completed as a labor of love. 

Over the years another building was built that housed dormitories for those attending the General Assembly each year.  That building has been used by the Chaffee Public School System while they constructed a new addition.  The General Baptist Church also has held services in that same building after loosing their church to a fire.  As of today this building houses the Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry for Chaffee, and the surrounding area.  Soon to be renovated and a new addition added this will become the Headquarters building along with the Food Pantry.  They will still distribute food each month but will switch sides after the work.   Senior Citizen boxes are distributed once a month on the third Thursday from 8 am - noon.  The actual food pantry is open forth Thursday of each month.  The hours are 4th Thursday 9 am - 2 pm. If you need help you may contact Diana McCormick at 1-573-318-8483.  Many area churches and organizations work hard to keep the pantry stocked with food for those in need.  This is just one of the many outreach services that the church is involved in.  Many missionary trips have been made by different members of the church.  One of the first missionary trips was by Tom Morris and Bobby Metcalf to the country of Haiti.  A tractor trailer load of medical supplies, food and clothing, as well as other items to help the poor in our churches in Haiti to survive.


For many years the church in Chaffee, was host to the General Assembly, with delegates coming from all over the world.  After more than fifteen years without an Assembly we can proudly say that with the guidance of the Lord once again we are host to many. Having been made the Headquarters for The Church of God in 2011 with Pastor Tom Morris being appointed General Overseer we are looking forward to what is ahead of us. 

These are just a few things that have brought us together, encouraged us and has kept us together as a church.  We feel that as long as this O'l world stands the God will add many more things to our History.  But one thing is certain "Without Him" we would not have a history. 

We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come visit.  We have a saying at Chaffee, that you are only a visitor once after that you are just family.